Why Us?

” Chicago United’s management puts in a lot of efforts outside the boundary line and the players respond back with their efforts inside the boundary line. Great team work and good leadership. I enjoy playing for CU. Very good club to play for! “ - Sunny Sohal (U-19 India, 1st class / India and IPL)

” It’s always a pleasure to play for well-organized cricket clubs. CU is one such club that fosters local cricketer to develop better cricketing skills “ - Siddarth Kaul ( 1st class, U-19 India, India ‘A’ and IPL)

” CU takes cricket seriously and has good vision at the national and international level. Friendly players and management – good balance of professionalism and friendliness. “ - Praveen Gupta (50+1st class / India)

” We recognize every players efforts. Every win is a team effort. We don’t see an ‘I’ in the word ‘team’ or ‘club’. So the name in front of the shirt is as important as the name behind. Our players – Our Pride! “ - Nadeem Zain (President / Owner)

” It’s been a pleasure to be a associated with CU. I would really like to thank CU for all the support. Learnt a lot, on and off the field with CU; which definitely helped me in becoming a better player. Would love to be a part of Chicago United again in the coming times “ - Harmeet Singh (India 1st class and IPL)