ALL STARS LOSE TO CHICAGO UNITED : NIKHIL (87), DEEPAK (3/54), NAJAM (3/12) and HASAN (53 retd hurt)

  • May 14, 2021

Deceiving weather comes into play as CU Reds take on star studded All Stars.All Stars won the toss and put CU Reds to bat. Decision almost seemed to pay off after a quick breakthrough in powerplay reducing CU Reds to 20-1. But then came the man of the hour Nikhil yet again involved in a huge partnership with Venky. They started running quickly between the wickets converting 1’s to 2’s and putting the pressure back on the fielders. Unfortunately Venky (41) got out bringing in Hasan while fasting running for his 53 (Retd. Hurt). Then was joined by Sami (19*) Nikhil kept chipping away to another big score before chasing a wide ball and chipping it on the stumps ending his innings just short of a well deserved 100 (87 in 67 balls). Few late fireworks from Sami and Vraj ended CU’s innings at 243-4For CU Reds to throw off the batting team bowling attack was handed to Vraj the speedster along with the magician Najam to reduced All Stars to mere 33 in powerplay. Just when batsmen thought about charging smart bowling changes by the skipper kept chipping away wickets. Najam (6-1-12-3) Deepak (6-54-3) were the pick of the bowlers accompanied by Neil 2 wickets and Sami 1 wicket. CU Reds bowler reduced All stars to 217 in 30 overs. Man of the Match: Nikhil Marking an end to another tricky day with 2 wins for CU Reds.#PlayCricket#ChicagoUnited